Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Valentine & Sons 'Heigh-Ho' Postcard #4169

These two Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs postcards date from circa 1938. Published by Valentine and Sons Ltd. of Dundee, Scotland, both depict the well-known Gustaf Tenggren scene of the Dwarfs marching home across the log bridge. Yet, the cards clearly come from different printings.


Postcard A-- The illustration on this card holds true to the original Tenggren artwork, particularly in regards to how the Dwarfs are rendered. The caption along the bottom is printed in a simple font.

Postcard B-- The Dwarfs in this one don't exactly look like those in the film, but they have been modified some from the Tenggren work. Colors are more saturated too. Text along bottom is updated to include the Snow White logo.



Postcard A-- Shows logo graphic with Doc and Happy. Includes the Valentine's tagline, "This is a real photograph." Card was dated the 3rd of September, 1938 (posted from Bournemouth England to New Zealand).

Postcard B-- Castle logo graphic. Card is numbered, 4169. Tagline is gone.

Images via John Eccles and BeBrightSalesToo.

I'm a fan of these Valentine & Sons vintage postcards. See cards #4166-4168 from this series in the next post. Also #4170-4171 and #4172-4177 in earlier entries.

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