Monday, May 14, 2012

1938 Chemm 'Snow White Ring' Advertisement

Collector Rick Payne recently came across this Walgreen Drug Store advertisement found in a Springfield, Missouri newspaper. The ad, dated July 15, 1938, is for a Snow White and Prince Charming "charm ring". It was a free premium for customers who purchased the 14 oz. Chemm health food drink (49¢).  

Chemm health food drink! That doesn't sound very appetizing. No wonder they had to throw in a free ring.

The North American general release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs occurred in February 1938.  So this offer was certainly capitalizing on the massive success that the film was enjoying during this period. Yet, is it an officially licensed Disney brothers promotion? The illustrations of Snow and the Prince somewhat resemble the movie characters, but the ad is oddly missing any mention of Walt Disney.

Image scans courtesy of the Rick Payne Collection. See what Rick has for sale at dadric's attic.


  1. Mmmmmmmmm......Chemm! Good to the last drop! Uh, yeah....does NOT sound appetizing at all. But I'd pay .49 for the ring alone. I wonder what the equivalent of that would be today with inflation?

  2. Yeah, the Chemm drink doesn't sound too appealing. But the ring today is probably worth a pretty penny. I've never seen an image of the actual ring anywhere. I wonder if any still exist?