Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jaymar "Snow White with Broom" Puzzles

The four Snow White illustrations seen in the previous post were re-used for many years by the Jaymar Specialty Company. They appeared in a variety of different jigsaw designs including large boxed puzzles, inlaid trays, puzzles in the round, and mini-pocket puzzles. Here's a closer look at the "Snow White with Broom" puzzles.

This 300-piece dates from early to mid-1940s and was part of a series of war-time puzzles issued by Disney that also included Pinocchio, Bambi, Dumbo, and Silly Symphony characters. The picture measures 14" x 22" and box is 7" x 10".

Box Cover

One of the interesting things about this puzzle is that it contains eleven "figural" pieces, puzzle pieces shaped like objects or animals: a house, a pig, a shoe...

The same 300 piece puzzle also appeared in this box. It still has the original 29¢ Woolworth price tag on it.

And a 400+ piece puzzle.

In addition to being included in the set of four 1967 yellow-border tray puzzles (previous post), this illustration was also used in an earlier 1952 version. It had a red border and was marked with the Roman numerals MCMLII. Note the illustration has been cropped from that of the original above.

In conjunction with Bantam, Jaymar would produce a number of "pocket puzzles", mini-puzzles measuring 5.125" x 7" in size. The logo on side of box reads, "Bantam Pocket Picture Puzzle" and "Jaymar Walt Disney Characters." Box measures 3.687" x 5.687 " and 1.5" high.

Special thanks to collector Rick Payne for supplying additional information on these puzzles.

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