Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vintage Belgian Sticker Book (1-17)

This French-language "sticker" book was published by Lesieur-Cotelle & Associates S.A (R.C.B 9691) of France. The back of each sticker card is printed in both French and Dutch, so it's likely this was marketed for a Belgian audience. The book contains a Walt Disney Productions copyright and a Mir Supe is credited as editor. Yet, no publication year is indicated.

The contents are closely patterned after a 1953 book published by Tobler Chocolate in Switzerland, however, this one features fewer pages and cards. As with many early sticker books, this was probably a promotional item where the stickers would be acquired with the purchase of some other product (chocolate, bread, etc.). But again, there's no indication of this one way or another.

Front Cover

The Snow White story is relayed visually through both the sticker cards and pencil drawings. Early "stickers" required the application of glue rather than being self-adhesive (see Dutch sticker book). On the back of each is a number and text. The colorful illustrations resemble, but also differ from, the Snow White artwork seen in the 1937 Hank Porter comic strip and the De Beukelaer sticker book. Gustaf Tenggren's original sketch work had an influence on all of these.

This sticker set includes Snow White's mother sewing beside her window as well as other aspects of the story that were left out of the final film. One scene has the Queen overhearing the Prince saying he has found the most beautiful woman of all, and she mistakenly thinks he's talking about her. The sticker art is simply splendid, both vintage yet fresh at the same time.


Pages 3-5:

Close-ups of sticker artwork...

Pages 6-9:

Pages 10-13:

Pages 14-17:

This sticker image of Snow White being led away by songbirds is reminiscent of Les Clark's work on the Goddess of Spring...

Book and stickers copyright Disney. Photos courtesy of Belgian Snow White collector DisneyVintage.

More terrific sticker art in the next post.


  1. Interesting! Those Europeans love their sticker books. The artwork is certainly different than anything I've seen before. The font on the cover is very modern looking, this must be from at least the 50's, possibly the 60's. Then again, what do I know!! ;-)

  2. Yeah, there sure have been quite a few sticker books produced over the years. All of them different too. I agree about the font looking modern. Not from the Golden Age, but also not the "post-modern" images that we see today.

  3. Haha "enthusiast" ... That's me :P
    Nice article you wrote ! Glad I can be of any help to contribute to your amazing blog :)

  4. Also, I hadn't noticed the similarity with "The Godess of Spring" ! :D

  5. Hi everyone! I too have this sticker book (at least one that's identical) and also others of the same series. My versions were made by Chocolate Tobler in Berne, Switzerland, and the stickers in my version have the title in the back, written in french, german and italian. On Ebay I found the Snow White one in all the three versions, italian, french and german. Other books in the series I own are : Cinderella /Bambi (both the italian and german versions), Mary Poppins (made in 1964, german version) and "Natura Magica" an album from the "True Life Adventures" series. All my albums were made on behalf of Chocolate Tobler in Switzerland.

    1. Thanks for sharing this info Nunziante. At some point, maybe we can add a new post to show your albums.