Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1967 Jaymar Puzzle Series 2732

Jaymar Specialty Company manufactured toys from the 1920s to 1990. They produced metal toys, wooden toys, toy pianos, and a variety of other child playthings including jigsaw puzzles--lots of them. The following four Snow White illustrations were used again and again over the years in a wide variety of different puzzle types.

These pictured below date from 1967 and make up the Jaymar series #2732. The four 35-piece tray puzzles were sold as a set. Each measures 14" x 11". Retail price was just 29¢.

The scenes include Snow White with the dwarfs at the forest edge...

At the washtub...

Ready for soup...

And Snow White holding a broom with the dwarfs around her...

Each puzzle in this 1967 set was framed with a yellow border (earlier editions were red). Plus all displayed the Snow White logo box with the series number 2732 and the "Jaymar Specialty Company" address.

The set was advertised in the Merchandising Supplement of the 1967 Snow White pressbook. Note that the actual image displayed in the catalog is of an earlier "red border" puzzle that lacks the series 2732 logo box. Plus there was yet another series #3232 which was packaged in sets of two.

Puzzle Ad, 1967 Merchandising Supplement (p.9)

These same four illustrations appear repeatedly in other Jaymar puzzle designs: Snow White with Broom, Snow White with Soup, and the Forest Edge & Washtub puzzles.

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