Thursday, May 10, 2012

Valentine & Sons 'Snow White' Postcards, #4166 - #4168

Here's a look at three more examples from this postcard series. The earliest ones were produced in the late 1930s. Often there were different printings for the same card.

Circa 1938, "Entertaining a Princess. We Really Should Celebrate said Doc. So Celebrate They Did."

Same card, different printing. Altered illustration and lower front Snow White logo.

The backside includes the same castle logo as on the one above. However, card number "4166" has been added and the tagline, "This is a real photograph," is gone...


"Bunch O' Water Lilies Exclaimed Grumpy When They Were Told To Wash For Tea." Note the postmark on this card was stamped in 1947.


"Her Forest Friends Lead Snow White to the Dwarfs' Cottage"...

Another example of the backside for card #4168, this one with a postmark date: 13 October, 1938...

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