Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2013 Euro Plush Seven Dwarfs

A Seven Dwarfs plush series was seen online at the European Disney Stores spring 2013. Polyester dolls; faux-fur beards (except for Dopey, of course). Bean bag filling in belly. Between 30-33cm (11") high. Retail each £14.00 (UK); 24,00 € (France, Germany). They were also available online at the US Disney Store, a few years earlier. Retail $16.50 each.

Doc (with embroidered glasses, felt book)...

Euro Item No. 412025352291P.

US Item No. 200188P.


Euro Item No. 412025354769P.

US Item No. 200191P.


Euro Item No. 412025354431P.

US Item No. 200192P.


Euro Item No. 412025352604P.

US Item No.200190P.


Euro Item No. 412025354684P.

US Item No. 200189P.


Euro Item No. 412025352376P.

US Item No. 200187P.


Item No. 412025352529P.

US Item No. 200186P.

See how these guys compare with the 2012 plush dwarfs seen in an earlier Archive entry.


In addition, Dopey showed up as a Large Soft Toy at the European Disney Stores. Polyester with felt patch, belt and buckle details. Measures approximately 50cm. Retail £40.00/50,00 €. Currently available.

Item No. 412027357959P.
Stock images copyright Euro and US Disney Store.

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