Friday, November 22, 2013

1993 US Snow White Pressbook

The "Promotion Guide" for the 1993 US theatrical re-release of Snow White wasn't exactly a complete pressbook. It did not contain any images of posters, lobby cards or other merchandise. It did, however, have plenty of suggestions for theatre activities, contests, national tie-ins, and other promotions. The book has a total of eight numbered pages plus covers. Measures 8.5" x 11"

Front cover.

Inner front cover/page 1. Intro and synopsis. Theatre activities and contests.

Pages 2-3. Lobby decorations. Media events.

Pages 4-5. National tie-ins with McDonald's and Kraft. More tie-ins.

Pages 6-7. Radio promotions and prizes. Snow White trivia.

Page 8/inner rear cover. Snow White name game. Coloring page.

Rear Cover. Seven points to remember when promoting the film.

Images courtesy of the Michael Filippello Collection.

In the previous post, see the cover letters that accompanied this Promotional Guide. Also check out the 1993 US lobby cards in another Archive entry.


  1. Since I was about 3, I have loved ALL things "Snow White", but my mother wouldn't let me see the movie during its 50th Anniversary, even though I was 8, because it had scared her so much when she'd been young...

    Sooo, I watched "Snow White" for the first time during 1993 (I was 14), but my memories of that movie will be forever special! I can still remember the fact that when my parents took me to see the movie, I stood in line, looking at the cardboard standee, and making a joke about the dwarfs (Something like: "Which of the dwarfs are happy at the end of the movie?"..."They ALL are!").

    I'll never forget sitting outside on a lounge chair, gazing up at the stars on a Summer night, after having gotten Mattel's first Snow White doll (I still have her)! Those were magical times!

    Interestingly enough, my favorite "Snow White" trailer is actually the one from 1993!

    1. Thanks for sharing your Snow White memories with us PS. The film certainly has had a profound effect on many, myself included. Glad to hear you still have that first doll. Hope you come back and visit the Archive again. We have lots of good things coming up over the next few months.