Saturday, November 2, 2013

1938 Book - "Forest Friends from Snow White"

Published by Grosset & Dunlap in 1938, Walt Disney's Forest Friends from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is marvelously illustrated by Disney studio artists. The 28 page hardcover came in a dust jacket and measures 9.25" x 7.25".

The endpapers are quite stunning, with both front and back the same.

The only place Snow White makes an appearance is on title page. Contrary to what it says, we all know that Walt Disney was not the illustrator.

The pages alternate throughout between B+W illustrations and color plates.

The story centers around Little Red Squirrel. All the forest animals seem to be sharing a secret except for him. Not wanting the others to think he doesn't know what it is, he pretends he does. He starts to feel embarrassed, though, by not knowing and so tries to hide from the others.

The centerspread illustration.

The animals were indeed keeping a secret--a surprise birthday party for Little Red Squirrel.

After surprising the birthday boy, they all scattered in different directions to dig up hidden presents for the party feast--nuts, berries, green shoots, and delicious crunchy bugs. Then the young animals played games until the day neared it's end. The story concludes with Little Red Squirrel having had a real good time and wondering how long it will take for his next birthday to come around.

Illustrations and text copyright Disney. Posted here for historical documentation purposes only.
Image scans courtesy of the Rick Payne Collection via dadric's attic.

Forest friends was listed in Ted Hake's Official 2007 Price Guide to Disney Collectibles, 2nd edition


  1. It is really amazing how many Snow White "spin-offs" there were!

    I need to take pictures for you of another book that I have that I think is from 1938, it just tells the happy parts of the Snow White story, completely eliminating the Queen/Witch!

    1. Thanks Major! Looking forward to seeing it when you have time.