Saturday, November 30, 2013

Seiberling Latex Snow White Figurettes

In addition to the rubber figures (seen in previous post), Seiberling of Akron, Ohio also produced a boxed set of Snow White "figurettes", circa 1938. Each is a die-cut flat piece of rubber with color decals applied to the surface.

Snow White stands 3.5" tall including base; Dwarfs are about 3.125". Because of their age, the figures today can be quite brittle and are easily broken.

All are marked on back. "© WALT DISNEY, SEIBERLING L.P. CO., ARKON, O. MADE IN U.S.A."

The box artwork includes Snow and the boys in front of a smiling forest tree (as apposed to the scary ones from the film).

Images courtesy of David Welch of PEZDUDEWELCH.


  1. Wow, I never knew these existed! I've seen the dimensional figures for years, but these flat figures are new to me.

    1. Yeah, these definitely are not as well known. Walt made those other figures sell like hotcakes by showing them off in the original movie trailer.