Saturday, January 14, 2017

1938 Embroidered Hanky Boxed Sets by Herrmann Handkerchief Co.

The Herrmann Handkerchief Company was one of the early manufacturers of Disney hankies for children. The sizes usually ranged between 8" square to 9.25". Here's a look at some of their boxed sets.

  • This eight-piece collection features white linen hankies with colored embroidered designs of the characters. They came folded and pinned into place. Each measures approximately 9" x 9". Box is 11.25" x 11.25". "Copyright 1938 by Walt Disney Enterprises."

  • Another set with same Seven Dwarfs' designs but different coloring. (We're missing Doc.) Snow White is changed.

  • A slightly smaller box, 9.25" x 9.25" x.25”. Contains a different set of eight white linen hankies with colored embroidered designs. Three of the dwarfs are shown playing musical instruments.

  • Same box design and size but with eight linen hankies that are colored instead of white.

  • Different lid artwork, even smaller box size, 7" x 7" x .25". Description via Hake's...
These boxed sets usually came with three or four different hankies, but this lot includes 14 in total. While there are duplicate characters, either the image color/fabric color/border design is different, so no two in this lot at the same. Single hanky for Sneezy and Sleepy, all others have two per character.

  • Variations of these character designs with less color have also been found online.

  • Different collections of handkerchiefs were sold in the same smaller box design. Here we have a trio of Dopey designs.

  • Three dwarfs.

  • Three Snow Whites. Measure 8" square.

And here's a variation of Snow White with a broom, 8" square.

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