Monday, January 16, 2017

1938 Non-Disney Snow White "Coloring Set"

This Snow White Coloring Set was manufactured in New York by J. Pressman & Co. Inc. While not a Disney item, it was likely issued in 1938 to capitalized on the general release of the film. The illustration of Snow White on the box cover does bare a resemblance to Disney's version, including puffed shoulders on her dress.

The set includes water color paints with a wood palette, two metal bowls for water, Crayons, and four heavier stock cards (with images of the dwarfs and their cottage). Box is 14.5" x 9.5". Manufacturer no. 4227.

Images via gimbler.

In the 1938 wholesale catalog for L. Gould & Co. of Chicago, several other Snow White crayon and painting "outfits" are listed. Again, they are not licensed by Disney, yet the illustration of the princess is definitely patterned after their version.

Image via gdawg.

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