Tuesday, January 24, 2017

1970s Disneyland Magazines - Dutch Covers

Chock-full of comics and stories, Disneyland Magazine was a periodical designed for young readers. It was published in the 1970s in multiple languages. Much of the same full color wrap-around cover artwork was used in numerous different countries, although not always released in the same order. Today, we'll look at the Snow White covers published in the Netherlands (which were also sold in Belgium).

1972 April 1-7; no.1 (year 1)

1972 April 15-21; no.3

1972-April 22-28; no.4

1972 May 6-12; no.6

1972 July 15-21; no.16

1972 August 26 - September 1; no.22

1972 September 2-8; no.23

1972 October 7-13; no.28

1972 October 28 - November 3; no.31

1972 December 23-29; no.39

1972 December 30 - 1973 January 5; no.1 (year 2)

1973 January 27 - February 2; no.5

1973; no.10 (the weekly dates were no longer included on the cover after this point)

1973; no.15

1973; no.20

1973; no.26

1973; no.31

1974; no.13

Image scans and info courtesy of Dirk X at HET Verzameloord.

A 1990s version of Disneyland magazine was issued in the Netherlands as well. See it in the next post.


  1. I love the artwork on these! I remember my mom buying me some individual issues at our local grocery store, and eventually getting me a subscription to the magazine. Only one or two of these covers look familiar to me though. I'll have to dig out my issues and see how many of them feature Snow White.

    1. I really like the cover artwork too. Very creative and whimsical. Some of the designs appear to be the same as those issued in the US, but others are different.

    2. Okay, I found my issues and I just realized something. I don't think I had a subscription after all. The numbers of the issues I have aren't continuous and there isn't even any info in them about subscribing. What I do remember now, is that my mom let me use the form inside for ordering some "back issues."