Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dopey Hand Puppet by Gund

Gund Manufacturing Co. of NYC, a subsidiary of J. Swedlin, Inc., was licensed in the 1950s and '60s to produce a series of Disney character hand puppets--including Dopey, Grumpy, and Happy. They are listed on page 6 of the 1958 Buena Vista Snow White Pressbook. Each measures 10.5" tall. Soft vinyl head, printed fabric, and a squeaker mechanism inside. Original retail price $1.00.

Original Dopey Gund box. Item no. 671.

Original stitched tag has character name and Disney copyright imprint on one side. Gund info is on the reverse.

The puppet was issued in a variety of different fabric patterns.

A later version of the Dopey puppet had a new head mold and fabric design. The character name is still printed on the tag, but on the opposite side it reads, ""ALL NEW MATERIAL, MADE IN JAPAN."

Gund also produced stuffed plush dolls with rubber heads. These are mentioned on the back cover of the 1952 US Snow White Pressbook Promotional Supplement. And in this ad page from a 1967 trade journal.

Image via avalon-collectibles.


  1. Nice "Dopey" item, SWA! This reminds me of a Pokey (as in Gumby and Pokey) hand puppet that I have from childhood. I need to check it to see if it's the same manufacturer, but I think it also has the tag stitched into the side with Pokey's name.

    1. Tokyo, I wouldn't be surprised if the Pokey puppet is the same Gund brand. They produced a bunch of them. If there was Pokey, I'd guess there must be a Gumby too?

    2. There was a Gumby puppet! My brother had that one, but it didn't survive like Pokey did.

    3. I didn't know about the Grumpy puppet. Will have to keep my eyes open for one.