Monday, January 2, 2017

Screen Guide Magazine - April 1938

The first few were pages here were published in the April 1938 Screen Guide magazine which featured Tyrone Power on the cover.

In his blog entries from May 21 and 23, 2009, collector Bob Cowan posted these pages. Here's what he wrote about the magazine's Photo Parade section which show the original voice actors next to their individual character:
It's my favorite because you can see the faces of those that were the voices in the movie AND you can see some of the similarities between the actors and the movie characters... NOTE: be sure and check out the photos of Pinto Colvig (more widely known as the voice of Goofy).


BONUS PAGES: Bob also posted this one which originally appeared in another media publication prior to the release of the film in December 1937.

And this set of pages with illustrations that were to be used in the Harper & Brothers deluxe edition book, said to be released on December 1st of that year.

Page images via Cowan Collection: Animation and Comic Art

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