Wednesday, January 25, 2017

1970s Disneyland Magazine - US Covers

In yesterday's post, we saw the Snow White cover art from Disneyland Magazine published in the Netherlands. Some of that same artwork was also used for the covers of the magazines printed in other countries, although there are differences too.

In the US, the periodical was issued by Fawcett Publications, Incorporated. Disneyland Magazine for Young Readers was a full-color weekly periodical released every Tuesday from 1972-74. Each edition contained 20 pages (including covers). Dimensions: 12.5" x 10.25". Original price: 35¢. As the title suggests, inside were comics and stories for beginner-level readers. The attractive wrap-around cover artwork featured a wide variety of Disney characters. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs made it onto quite a few of them. It's interesting to note that the princess appeared on the back cover almost as many times as on the front.

Here are the US Snow White covers that we've come across:

#1 - Cinderella and Prince Charming take center stage as Snow, the dwarfs, and others look on.

Back cover courtesy of TokyoMagic of Meet the World. Front cover via Heritage Auctions.

#2 - Snow and the dwarfs watch as other Disney characters enjoy a swing ride.

#10 - On the back cover: the dwarfs march up the trail; front: Snow White is surrounded by forest animals.

#14 - Seven Dwarfs cross the log bridge.

#26 - Back cover: Dopey pulls cart passed Sleepy as Snow White prepares lunch; front: Seven Dwarfs work in the diamond mine.

#29 - Back cover: dwarfs and others join the fun; front: Cinderella and Prince Charming again take center stage as Snow White looks on from the background and Dopey from the balcony.

#32 - Back cover: the animal friends dance; front: Snow White and the Dwarfs make some music.

#41 - Snow and the dwarfs raking leaves in front of the cottage.

#48 - Snow White, dwarfs, and others pose for a photo.

#49 - Back cover: the dwarfs sit in their classroom desks; front: Snow teaches at chalkboard while Dopey offers her an apple.

#54 - Back cover: some of the dwarfs hang out by a stream; front: Dopey rides a deer across their picnic blanket as Snow and the other dwarfs look on.

#56 - Back cover: Snow White and the dwarfs exit the airplane with other Disney characters.

#57 - Back cover: Snow White and the dwarfs join others at the ball.

#59 - Back cover: Snow White wanders off in the background; front: the dwarfs wash their laundry.

#69 - Back cover: Snow and the others avoid getting run over; front: Dopey's driving crazy-like.

#70 - Back cover: Snow and the rest wait their turn; front: four dwarfs set up to look at the night sky with telescope.

#75 - Back cover: Snow White and Dopey join the others in Disney on Parade.

#80 - Back cover: Snow White and the dwarfs partake in mountain climbing.

Images via ReVintageLannie.

#83 - Back cover: Snow White waves farewell the three dwarfs in a hot air balloon; front: the other four sail away on a blimp.

#91 - Back cover: Cart of four dwarfs is being pulled as Snow White waves goodbye; front: the other three share a motorcycle ride.

#95 - Snow White and dwarfs play a blindfold game.

#97 - Back cover: Snow White checks to make sure the dwarfs have clean hands; front: they wash up at a waterfall.

Special thanks to TokyoMagic of Meet the World for sharing additional scans from his collection.

See the other cover artwork in this US series at mycomicshop. A larger series of 292 issues (featuring even more Snow White covers) was released in the UK from 1971-76. View it at


  1. I recognized a few more of these U.S. covers than I did the foreign ones. Thanks for providing that link! I saw even more covers that I recognized on that site. I still haven't dug my copies out, but just looking at the cover art brings back happy childhood memories. I loved this magazine!

    1. It is a cool magazine Tokyo. I didn't know it existed when I was a kid, but if I had, a subscription would have been on my xmas list. If you do happen across more SW covers (or better images than the ones I have) in your collection, would love to add them.