Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Williams Ellis 200-Piece Snow White Puzzles #1-4

Williams Ellis & Co. Ltd. of London produced a series of four 200-piece jig-saws, circa late 1940s. The box covers feature unique stylized artwork of Snow White, Happy, and Dopey. Above each puzzle image is text that reads, "A Welcom Product." Puzzle dimensions: 9.5" x 14".

No. 1 - Snow White Surprises the Seven Dwarfs.

No. 2 - A Busy Day for the Seven Dwarfs.

No. 3 - Dwarfs to the Rescue.

No. 4 - Snow White Meets Her Prince.

Also see the 1938-39 Willliams Ellis series of eight 200+ piece puzzles in an early Archive entry.


  1. Another off-model Snow, though I kind of like this one!

    1. Yeah, some of these stylized versions are quite interesting.