Thursday, January 26, 2017

House of Laurenz - Having Dinner Figurine (1983)

"Having Dinner" Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs figurine. Sculpted by Enzo Arzenton and the House of Laurenz, Italy. Capodimonte porcelain. Hand-painted. Measures 11" high x 18.25" wide x 13.5" deep. Planned Limited Edition: 2500. Actual Limited Edition: 1000. Released 1983. Original retail price $2,370. Molds were destroyed in 1992.

Figurine images via Heritage Auctions.

This next sculpt is sans the "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" inscription.

The piece was pictured on the cover of the Fall 1987 Walt Disney Family Gift Catalog. The price was now $1669.95.

Catalog scans courtesy of the François Monferran Collection.

An ad appeared in the Fall 1987 Disney News magazine. Another is seen in the Fall 1991 Disney News magazine.

Image scans courtesy of The Raymond Collection and Dan Alexander Dizmentia.


  1. Now this one, I definitely remember! I think I even remember it being sold at Knott's Berry Farm in Virginia's Gift Shop. They didn't have any problem selling Disney merchandise....and actually, they still don't. Just last year, I saw tons of "Frozen" merchandise for sale inside the park. Weird!

    1. That's pretty amazing Knott's selling Disney merch, but it makes a lot of sense too.