Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Snow White Mystery Painting

Back in April of 2014, I received an email with the following photos from blog reader, Wendy Brunner. Here's what she wrote:
I have an old painting that I found in storage after my grandmother passed away. I have no idea where it came from but it is definitely many decades old based on the old canvas (12" x 16") and frame. I wondered if perhaps you would know anything about it. It's signed, but I cannot read the name.  I have attached a photo of the painting and a close up of the signature.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to decipher the artist's signature or come up with anymore information on the painting. It replicates the scene used in the UK poster from 1982. Today, it's quite common for the Disney Company to commission independent artists to create new renditions of their classic characters. Yet, this practice was not so in vogue during years past.

This possibly is a one-of-a-kind fan art piece.


  1. Snow White in this pic is reminding me of a celebrity caricature that I've seen somewhere, but I can't think of which celebrity that would be. Maybe Greta Garbo? "Hey guys, I von to be alone!" ;-)

    1. Like in those old Warner Bros. cartoons! :)

      And the eye light on the dwarfs has hints of anime.