Saturday, January 28, 2017

Jerri McCloud 1983 Snow White Porcelain Doll Set

A series of ten Snow White dolls were produced by artist Jerri McCloud in 1983. The Princess, the Evil Queen, and Prince are hand painted and made of all porcelain bisque heads and five-piece jointed bisque bodies, arms, and legs. They also have glass eyes and human hair wigs. The dolls are fairly heavy, about five pounds. Each measures approximately 20" tall, is hand-numbered, and signed by the artist. Marketed by the Dolls by Jerri / Walt Disney Collection line.

Each doll contains both Jerri and Disney imprints. Lifting the hat off of this Grumpy head, we see the artist signature, plus the copyright markings and a date of 1983.

Snow White (WD2-1). Iconic dress with taffeta ornamentation, satin collar, velvet cloak with crimson taffeta lining, ribbon and simulated diamond, leather shoes with bows. Original wooden stand.

The dolls would be produced for several years. This one is signed and dated from 1984.

Another example from 1985.

The Evil Queen (WD2-2). She wears a satin purple gown with a black cape. The collar contains bendable metal stiffeners. A heavy gold plated necklace hangs around her neck, and a jeweled crown sits upon her head. [The magic mirror pictured below was not a part of this doll series.]

The Prince (WD2-10). Costumed in fitted tights, shirt, velour tunic with leather belt, velour cape and suede boots.

The Seven Dwarfs round out the collection with porcelain bisque heads, hands, and feet, but they have cloth bodies for easy posing. Each is about 12" high. Their eyes are painted and the beards are fashioned from fine wool. Hoods, clothing, and shoes are of velvet or velour with leather belts.

Two different tags have been seen on the dolls. The oval-shaped design may be the earliest releases. It was attached to a Sneezy, a number two out of 1,000. Many of the later dolls have rectangular tags.

Bashful (WD2-3).

Doc (WD2-4) + Dopey (WD2-5).

Grumpy (WD2-6) + Happy (WD2-7).

Sleepy (WD2-8) + Sneezy (WD2-9).

Included with the dolls was a booklet with images and information on each, plus a B+W glossy photo (4.5" x 6.5")

It appears that the first group of dolls to be released were limited to 1000, as noted in the Certificate of Authenticity below. Yet, that number may have been increased as other dolls are said to have been limited to 1500.

The box measures 21" in length. Egg crate foam protected the dolls.


  1. Holy cow! Snow White and the Queen look scary as HECK! My, oh, my!

    1. Yeah, if Snow White doesn't look like an alien with those eyes, I don't know what does. ;)