Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Snow White Mystery Coin

I received an email back in March of 2013 from Australian collector Sheree Waddell. She had an inquiry about a coin that her friend had come across while working at a bank. About the size of an Australian 10¢ piece, it contains an image of Snow White along with a couple of bluebirds and flowers, and the rim is encircled with more tiny flowers. Yet, there are no other writings or identifying imprints. Both sides of the coin are identical.

Image courtesy of the Sheree Waddell Collection.

In person, the coin looks silver rather than the bronze in the above photo. Some have suggested it might it be a theme park token, but those typically have the park logo stamped clearly on the face. Maybe it was a gift-with-purchase for some doll or collectible? I haven't been able to locate an answer.

In 2016, the coin showed up on ebay listings several different times. All of the sellers were located in Australia. Is this an Australian-produced item?


  1. Hi Robert!

    Not sure if you posted this yet, but a new holiday Snow White figure
    (celebrating 80th anniversary) is on it's way .

    Here is the link.


    Love the blog, keep it up , will send more 80th stuff as I find in the parks or online :)

    Is email the best way to send you stuff?



    1. George, thanks so much for the heads up on this figurine. And yes, as the 80th anniversary stuff starts showing up, please let me know about anything you find, particularly those items at the parks that aren't online. Email works best: https://www.blogger.com/profile/04715594290214114608