Friday, January 27, 2017

Film Pictorial Magazine - September 17, 1938

Snow White and the "Tenggren" dwarfs are shown on the cover of the UK movie magazine, Film Pictorial, dated September 17, 1938. Original retail price twopence. (The same artwork was also used in two 1938 Australian periodicals, New Screen News and Photoplayer and Talkies.)

During the movie's initial run, the voice actors for Snow White were hardly ever mentioned. Walt Disney claimed that he didn't want the realism of the animated characters lessened by revealing who the actors were. However, there were those periodicals that not only revealed their names but also included photos, as seen below. (In earlier Archive entries, we saw these same photos in the 1937 Photo Parade and 1938 Screen Pictorial.)

Snow White is reviewed by the magazine's critic, John Milford. He gave it a positive appraisal and even said that he was moved by the picture. Yet, he still writes, "The qualities of this film are not outweighed by its could have been so much better, but as it is, it is extraordinarily good."

Special thanks to Greg Philip of A Lost Film for sharing image scans from his collection.

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