Saturday, May 6, 2017

1938 "House of Seven Dwarfs" Dean Cut-Out Book

The House of the Seven Dwarfs, a Dean's Cut-Out Book published by Dean & Sons Ltd. of London. The book is undated but known to be from 1938. Includes cut-outs of the Dwarfs and their cottage, plus Snow White, the Prince, and a few animal friends. Measures approximately 13" x 10".

Six pages that open up to three long cut-out sheets.

The back sides.

Another Dean's Cut-Out Book featuring Snow White was also published in 1938. See it in an earlier Archive entry.

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  1. I almost feel sad when I see the 1930s children's items, as I keep imagining that most kids didn't have the money to buy such items, or that, if they received such items, they themselves (the kids) were in bad shape, so that they weren't exactly able to create the happy childhood scene that such items evoked.

    I think that these items may hold more value for collectors than they do for those people who were kids back then, except in the cases of those people who clung to such items with hopefulness during The Great Depression.