Saturday, May 6, 2017

1941 Handbill for "Festival of Hits"

In the summer of 1940, The Great Walt Disney Festival of Hits opened in select movie houses (see earlier post). It was the first time Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was re-released to theatres. The screenings would also include four Disney shorts, hence the "festival" atmosphere.

This handbill was for The Cinema in the city of Collinsville (not sure which state). It was probably a smaller second-run theatre. The flyer refers to the event as "The Disney Festival Show" which they scheduled to play continuously on March 21-22, 1941. It was right around this time that Disney would bring this first re-release of Snow White to a close.

Note: Gone With the Wind (which originally premiered in 1939) was set to screen a week later.

Image via interface-rick.

Handbill measures 15"x 4.75".

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