Wednesday, May 17, 2017

1947/1948 Ingersoll-US Time Snow White Watches

In 1933, the Ingersoll Watch Company produced their first Disney character watch--Mickey Mouse--which met with great success. Over the years, in addition to the Ingersoll name, the company would also sell watches under the Connecticut Watch Company brand, U.S. Time, and Timex. It would have the Disney license from 1933 to the 1960s. (Timex would also return to produce a series of watches in the 1990s.)

The first Snow White watch ever made was released in 1947. "© W.D.P." Rectangular case. Manual wind. The original retail price was $4.95.

Images via indycoindealer.

Original packaging.

Blue band version.

Red band version.

Box images via Heritage Auctions.


The following year in 1948, Ingersoll issued the second Snow White watch. Same graphic design as the 1947 version but in a round case (1.125" x 1.5").

Images of 1948 version via Hakes.

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