Monday, November 6, 2017

1937-38 Guy Lombardo Snow White Record

In December 1937, Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians recorded a couple of Snow White singles a week before the motion picture had its world premiere. Whistle While You Work. Victor Records. Catalog no. 25736-B. Format: 78 rpm, 10" shellac disc. The number is a dance orchestra arrangements of the original Churchill/Morey song. Guy Lombardo's brother, Carmen, sings the vocals, and a multiple male vocal refrain accompanies him.

Another single, With a Smile and a Song was also released and again features the vocals of Carmen Lombardo. No. 25748-B.


The two numbers were issued in 1938 on the same disc in the United Kingdom. Label: His Master's Voice. No. B.D.5348.


Also in France on the Gramophone label. No. K-8079.

Images courtesy of the Greg Philip Collection.

The two Snow White songs would show up on later Guy Lombardo editions and compilations, including an RCA release in 1965 and a Pickwick in 1977.

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