Saturday, November 11, 2017

Le Petit Ménestrel 'Blanche-Neige' Records (Christiane Legrand & Jean Cussac)

French record label Le Petit Ménestrel was known for their read-along story albums. (See Snow White no. ALB 9 in previous post). Yet, they also released non-story music records. In 1962, a Snow White 45 rpm 7" disc was issued. Produced by Editions Lucien Adès; manufactured by Dillard et Cie. Imp. Paris. Music Director Jean Baïtzouroff. Features the singing voices of Christiane Legrand and Jean Cussac. Multiple male singers for the dwarfs. All songs are covers of the originals with a very nice French flavor to them.

Catalog no. 45 vs 556.


Reissue no. PM 90.

PM 90 images via


The record was seen recently in a window display outside of a hair salon in Paris.

Images and information generously provided by the Greg Philip Collection.


  1. I do believe the one in the window is the very same; the shelf the record is displayed on has a small edge that prevents the catalog number to be seen, as well for the "Disneyland "Petit Ménestrel" mention! Those recordings are obviously the very same used for the version narrated by Dany Robin.

    1. I must have looked at this photo a half dozen times. Yet, it's only now that I actually see the black wooden frame in which the records are placed. Yes, the text along the bottom of the album cover is simply hidden. Good eye François! :)