Tuesday, November 14, 2017

2017 Kipling Snow White Backpacks and Pouches

In late October 2017, fashion brand Kipling announced their Snow White collection of bags. It includes a slew of themed backpacks, handbags, wristlets, and keychains. Here's a look at some of the available designs.

Paola Velvet Small Backpack - Black (Item# BP4260). $149.00.

Paola Small Satin Backpack - Candied Red (Item# BP4259) or Black (Item# BP4259). Each $149.00.

Seoul Large Printed Laptop Backpack (Item# BP4257) or Ravier Medium Printed Backpack (Item# BP4258). Both Hypnotic Apples design. Each $134.00.

Creativity XL Wristlet Pouch - Candied Red (Item# AC8347). $44.00.

Sweetie Large Wristlet Pouch - Candied Red (Item# AC8346). $49.00 or Small Metallic Wristlet Pouch - Platinum Metallic (Item# AC8344). $29.00.

Stock images copyright Kipling/Disney.

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