Monday, November 6, 2017

1941 Snow White Overture

The Snow White Overture was a musical score arranged by Erik Leidzen. The composition is copyrighted July 25, 1941 by Irving Berlin, Inc. In 1944, Bourne Inc. took control of many of the Irvin Berlin music rights, including Snow White.

The musical piece was recorded with the London Symphonic Band. It was an interpretation of the original Churchill/Morey songs as an instrumental melody (no vocals). Issued on a single 78 rpm shellac 10" record. Bourne label by the Mercury Record Corporation (Chicago/St. Louis). Catalog no. 101. Play time runs just under three minutes per side. Not exactly sure what the release date is for this record.

Part I (side A) - Whistle While You Work/One Song

Part II (side B) - Dig, Dig, Dig/Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho/Someday My Prince Will Come

Special thanks to the Greg Philip Collection for images and additional info.

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