Wednesday, November 29, 2017

1980 US Snow White "Dancing" Storyteller Record 3906 (Hal Smith)

The 1969 Snow White "storyteller" record featured Ginny Tyler (previous post). In 1980, a brand new recording was issued in the US on the Disneyland/Vista Records label. Catalog no. 3906. Vinyl 12" disc, 331⁄3 rpm. Snow White is pictured on the cover dancing with Doc.

Hal Smith is the new narrator. The music and songs from the movie are incorporated into the story, woven nicely under and around Smith's lines. We also hear original dialogue clips from all of the characters. The attached 12-page book includes new full-color artwork. And for the first time in this "storyteller" series, the text actually follows the audio recording, giving young readers a "read-along" experience.

Rainbow disc labels. Hal Smith is credited as the narrator.

Sample pages.

Image scans courtesy of the Greg Philip Collection.


The story was available on cassette tape too. No. 3906T.

This recording was reissued on compact disc in 1987 (see earlier post), and then again more than a decade and a half later as an mp3 download.

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