Friday, November 24, 2017

2016-17 Evil Queen/Witch Tees & Tops

Wicked Queen Est. 1937. Cotton tee. Listed online at the Disney Store in February 2016. Sold at the US theme parks. Retail $24.95.

Disney Store Item No. 7505055890437M.
Stock images copyright Disney and respective sellers. 

Who is the fairest of them all. Cotton tee. Spring 2016 at Hot Topic. Price range: $22.50 - $26.50.

Disney Villains--Maleficent, Ursula, Evil Queen. Women's 50/50 tee. Disney Store online June 2016. Retail $22.95.

Item No. 5620045531065M.

Evil Queen (as Witch). Women's tee online in 2016 at FifthSun. Price $21.95.

You Can't Sit With Me. Girls cotton tee. Online at Hot Topic December 2016. Price range $22.90 - $26.90.

Hot Topic Item No. 10841481.

Evil Queen fashion tee for women's by Disney Boutique. Materials: 95% viscose, 5% elastane. Released at US theme parks just before the new year; listed online in January 2017. Retail $36.99.

Item No. 7505057370025M. World of Disney image courtesy of drj1828.

Bring me her heart. Art Nouveau tee. Seen February 2017 on Etsy. By Medusa Dollmaker.

Forbidden (poison apple) + Making Bad Look Good--Maleficent, Evil Queen. Women's 50/50 tees. Price $22.95 each. Both online at Disney Store June 2017.

Item Nos. 5620045531940M. + 5620045531941M.

Pure Evil. Skimmer tee for Juniors by Mighty Fine. Material: 65% polyester, 35% rayon. Disney Store online August 2017. Retail $26.95.

Item No. 3256046310237M.

Wicked. Limited release tee. Materials: 50% polyester, 26% viscose, 24% cotton. At the US theme parks in September 2017 (available online at Disney Store only September 13-27). Retail $32.99.

Item No. 7405056983441M.

Just a Touch of Evil tee with laced sides (left). Material: 60% cotton, 40% polyester. First sold at the US theme parks in October 2017. Price $36.99. Poison Apple sweatshirt (right). Material: 63% cotton, 37% acrylic. Seen online at in late October. Retail $59.90.

Snow White ''One Bite'' Top for Women (with Evil Queen and Old Witch). Material: 90% cotton, 10% polyester. Listed at in late October 2017. Retail $39.95.

 Item No. 5620057322458M.

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