Saturday, November 18, 2017

Early Concept Drawings - Snow White & Huntsman in Meadow

Layout drawing of Snow White gathering flowers in the meadow. Dates from circa 1935-36. Graphite with red highlights.

Image via Heritage Auctions.


Snow White with extensive camera notes along the bottom. Graphite on animation paper. Signed by by Disney Legends Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston.


These next images come from John Canemaker's 1999 book, Paper Dreams. A storyboard session with Walt Disney and his story team. Concept drawings played a key role in the development of the final film script.

Snow White in the meadow as the Huntsman looks on.


The Huntsman via Treasures of Disney Animation Art (p.90).


  1. By the way, today's Mickey Mouse's birthday! The Big Cheese is 89! Older than Snow!

    Gorgeous sketches for Snow White ...