Thursday, November 9, 2017

Little Golden Book Original Artwork

he 1948 Snow White Little Golden Book was 42 pages in length and contained a generous number of illustrations. Here are a couple original artwork pieces created for the book.

  • The Huntsman confronts Snow White on the edge of the forest. Watercolor on illustration board (6.75" x 13"). Offered at auction in July 2012 by Profiles in History.

The scene as it appeared in the book.


  • Doc keeps the beat as Snow White and Grumpy do a little jig. Full color gouache on paper (6.75" x 7"). Not signed. Sold by Heritage Auctions in 2008.

A black & white illustration was used in the first edition of the book.

Later editions alternated between a three-color and full-color illustration.

See the 1948 Snow White Little Golden Book in the next post.

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