Tuesday, March 26, 2013

1937 Snow White Photoplay School Study Guide

Photoplay Studies was a series of film appreciation booklets produced over 75 years ago for use in English classes at both the elementary and high school level. Volume III, Number 10 was devoted to the discussion of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and was copyrighted 1937 by Educational and Recreational Guides, Inc.

Why couldn't they have had a class like this when I was in high school? At the time of this publication, the guide series had been available to educators for three years, 1935-37.

From the Foreword: "Walt Disney's unique photoplay makes a happy contribution not only to the art of the screen but also to the art of gracious, kindly living." William F. Bauer

Part I: The Brothers Grimm.

Part II: The Appeal of the Simple Tale.

Part III: Why I Chose Snow White (by Walt Disney).

Part IV: The Animated Interlude Becomes the Feature Picture.

Part V: Synopsis.

Sample questions for the classroom.

Part VI: The Pictorial Art of Disney.

More sample questions.

Photoplay Guides order form. Single copy just 15¢.

Image scans courtesy of the Michael Filippello Collection.

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