Saturday, March 9, 2013

Snow White Fan Art - Steampunk / Sci-Fi / Superhero

Artist Karen Hallion created a series of steampunk princess drawings with the art nouveau influences of Alphonse Mucha. Snow White early and later versions.


From artist Raymond Francisco, "Steampunk Snow" plus Star Trek and Star Wars pieces. Traditional drawing and digital media.

"Steampunk Princesses"...

"Intergalatic Princesses"...

"This IS the princess I'm looking for"...


"Darth Snow White-red" by JosephB222.


"Snow White Superhero" concept art and finished piece by Heidi Schwartz. Snow's power is her ability to communicate telepathically with animals.


"Blanche neige réinventée" (Snow White Reinvented) by DiLeMnE. Drawing and digital media.


"NO CAPES!!" A clever Snow White + Incredibles mashup by Alysia Casper. Traditional drawing.

Images used with permission of artist whenever possible

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