Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jim Shore 'Snow White' Figures 2005-2006

It was back in 2005 that Jim Shore's Disney Traditions line of sculptures got it's start. Several figurines were introduced that inaugural year including Jim's very first Snow White sculpt, the Seven Dwarfs' ''Homeward Bound'. It also happens to be his favorite Snow White piece; he keeps a copy of it on his studio work table.

Released in October of '05, this log crossing scene stands 8'' high x 13.25'' long. As with all Jim's work, the final product is made of hand-painted, stone resin. Retail price $89.95.

Disney Store Item No. 6811101040431P. Enesco Item No. 4005434.

I took these photos while on a visit to Walt Disney World in 2011...


Also from 2005 was "Wicked", the double-side Queen and Witch fig. This one stands 10.75'' tall. Original retail price $69.95.

Disney Item No. 99299P

Stock images copyright Disney/Enesco.


Snow White befriends the forest animals in "Friendship Makes The Heart Sing". Issued in 2005. Measures 6.5" high.


The "Simply Adorable" Dopey figure was also introduced in 2005. Height 7".

Enesco Item No. 4005217


"It's All About the Attitude". Grumpy has one snazzy jacket in this 2005 sculpt. Approximately 7.5" tall.

Enesco Item No. 4005216.

Just one of the many places these figures could be found--page 13 of the January 2009 Jim Shore catalog...


"Fairytale Endings for the Fairest of Them All'' was introduced to retailers by Enesco in September 2006. It was still available online at the Disney Store several years later in 2011. 9.5'' tall x 6.5" wide. Retail price was $54.50

Disney Store Item No. 6811101040432P. Enesco item No. 4007992.

More shots snapped at WDW in 2011...

This Snow White fig was spotted in 2011 at non-Disney theme parks too...Virginia's Gift Shop, just outside Knott's Berry Farm in Southern California.

Knott's images courtesy of Tokyo Magic! at Meet the World.

It was also sold as a light, the "Snow White Happy Endings Lamp", complete with a delicately embroidered shade. The base reads, "Happy Endings Light Up Your Heart". Stands approximately 23.5" high.

Enesco Item No. 4005222.


  1. What great carvings! It is hard to pick a favorite (though you know I'm leaning towards the Queen/Hag, of course). Thanks for sharing!

    1. The Queen/Hag sculpt reminds me of the two giant figures that used to be on display together at the Candy Cauldron, WDW: http://filmic-light.blogspot.com/2011/03/candy-cauldronstill-dipping-after-all.html