Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jim Shore Figures 2009-2010

Jim Shore's Disney Traditions Carousel Horse Figurines were released in 2009. Five princesses in all, each sold separately. The Snow White sculpt is entitled "Princess of Innocence". Dimensions: 7" x 7".

Disney Store Item No. 300284P. Enesco Item No. 4011746.

Carousel base also sold separately.

Stock images copyright Disney/Enesco

The carousel figures could be found, among other places, on pages 10-11 in the January 2009 Jim Shore catalog...

The set was also seen in June 2011 at Knott's Berry Farm.

Knott's Berry Farm images courtesy of Tokyo Magic! at Meet the World.


Grumpy and Dopey figures were introduced to retailers in January 2009. Part of the Seven Dwarfs Wishing Well set, each measures 4.5" tall. The suggested retail price $22. Sold separately.

Enesco Item No. 4013983.

Enesco Item No. 4013982.

The Wishing Well Base holds 4 figures. 8.25" tall. SRP $49.50.

Enesco Item No. 4013987.

The series is seen on pages 4-5 of a UK Disney retailer catalog from January 2010.

And the rest of the Dwarfs...

Enesco Item Nos. Bashful 4013980 + Doc 4013981.

Happy Enesco Item No. 4013984.

Enesco Item Nos. Sleepy 4013985 + Sneezy 4013986.


"Someday is today!" features the royal Snow White couple. Announced June 2009. Stands 6" high. Suggested retail price $38.50.

Enesco Item No. 4015341

Shown with the other princess couples and a Castle Displayer on pages 20-21 of the UK retailer catalog.


Jim Shore's Dopey pot hanger from October of 2010. Measures 2.5" high.

Enesco Item No. 4023517.


  1. Those patterns sculpted into the clothing are interesting... I guess the sculptor wanted to make each figure have a richer feel?

    1. The patterns are definitely a part of Jim Shore's folk art style. You'll find it in all of his sculptures.