Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jim Shore "Silly Song" Figures 2012-13

Announced in 2012 (and available from retailers in early 2013) this Disney Traditions series is themed to the "Silly Song" scene. We start with the Seven Dwarfs' home where, of course, the segment occurred in the film. The miniature "Enchanted Cottage" was introduced to retailers last June and measures just 6.375" long x 4.875" high and is 4.5" deep. This sculpture lights up with a soft glow when turned on. Suggested retail price $60.

Lights off...

Enesco Item No. 4031495.

Lights on...

Opposite side...

Stock images copyright Disney/Enesco.

Also intro-ed in June was the 2-piece "Dancing Partners", Snow White with Dopey on Sneezy's shoulders. Each figure stands 9" tall. Suggested retail $85. Sold as a set.

Enesco Item No. 4031494.

Then in October, two more sets were announced. Sleepy and Happy as "Zzzzz Cheerful Note". Bashful and Doc as "Affable Accordionist Clap Along". Standing figs are about 4.75" high. SRP for each set is $45.

Enesco Item Nos. Sleepy/Happy 4032871 + Bashful/Doc 4032873.

The collection would not be complete without the "Ornery Organist", also from October 2012. Two piece set with Grumpy at his organ. Dimensions: 5.75" tall x 5.125" long and 5.375" deep. SRP $45.

Enesco Item No. 4032868.

The entire series is available from Enesco to retailers as a "prepack".

Enesco Item No. 4035237.

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