Monday, October 13, 2014

1940 Spanish 'Snow White' 78 rpm Record + Reissues

Released in Spain in 1940--just after the Civil War--this original Spanish Snow White record set consists of three 78 rpm discs. The album cover for Blanca Nieves y los siete enanitos looks amazing, full of color!

The labels for this first release are blue. The album was issued under the RCA subsidiary La Voz de su Amo (His Master's Voice), manufactured by the Gramophone Company in Barcelona. (It can be found in the Gramofono/La Voz de su Amo 1940 catalog.) Examining the label closely, we see the words, "Como lo canta originalmente (en español) BLANCA NIEVE" which indicates that the recording is the original Spanish-dubbed soundtrack used in the film. It's notable because in other countries like France and Italy, this was not the case.

Diana Castillo was the original Spanish-language singing voice of Snow White.

Catalog No. GY249.
Una Alegre Cancion (With a Smile and a Song), matrix #019319

Catalog No. GY249.
Cavar, Cavar y Hai-Ho (Dig, Dig, Dig and Heigh-Ho), matrix #019321

Catalog No. GY250.
Le Pido y un Canto (I'm Wishing and One Song), matrix #019318; Silbando al Trabajar (Whistle While You Work), matrix #019320

Catalog No. GY251.
Ja, Ja, Ja (Dwarfs' Yodel Song), matrix #019322; Me Dice el Corazón (Some Day My Prince Will Come), matrix #019323


I don't yet know what year this 78 rpm record set was re-issued, but the labels were changed to a violet color. Note, however, that it reads "blue label" (etiqueta azul) below the dog logo. The album cover design remained the same.


A third re-issue had green labels.

Special thanks to Carlos Martín Ballester of Madrid for sharing this information and images from his record collection. To hear these vintage original recordings, visit the wonderful website: Doblaje Disney.

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