Sunday, October 19, 2014

1979 Radio City Music Hall - Snow White Program

An official Snow White program was issued for the 1979 Radio City Music Hall stage show. It contains a total of 36 pages (including both sides of the front and back covers). Here's a few samples...

The front cover features a charming illustration of the Dwarfs peeking their noses over the top with a city skyline behind.

The Snow White story.

The making of the movie.

The making of the stage production.

Mary Jo Salerno and Richard Bowne

The cast and musical numbers.


  1. I want a copy just so I can always read about the making of the movie and show....but I bet they sell for a whole lotta cash.

    1. They can be a bit pricey sometimes online, but you also can find a good deal once in a while where the seller just wants to get rid of their stuff.