Friday, October 31, 2014

Life-Size Animated Old Hag for Halloween

Officially licensed by Disney, this animated Old Hag figure appeared online earlier in 2014. Marketed as a consumer Halloween prop, the apple-bearing Witch moves her head, mouth, and arm.

Plus she talks! The voice resembles that of the film character and says a large variety of lines including:
There's something spooky out tonight, and I think it's you!
Ahhh... yet another creature of the night approaches.
Have you come for a trick or a treat?
Sorry, Halloween just brings out the ghoul in me.
Welcome to my home, my little victim. I mean, my little friend!

Built on a metal frame with a plastic base, the figure is activated by both sound and movement. An on/off button is hidden under her plastic hump. Plugs in to a standard outlet with 5' cord. Dimension: 61" tall, 31.5" wide, 38" deep.

Here she is in action...

Video and stock images via Grandin Road.

Online reviews have generally been positive except for an issue with the Witch's hair falling out. Apparently, "it's not a full wig, but rather, two thin strips that hang down from underneath the sides of her cloak." If you spend the $200 that this figure is retailing for, you might consider also purchasing a nice white wig too.

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