Sunday, October 26, 2014

Snow White Costume with "Reviews by Squeaky"

Squeaky from the "Reviews by Squeaky" blog is a true fan of Snow White. She first viewed the Disney film when she was a very young child...
I remember it as the first movie I ever saw in the theater. Since then, I’ve always wanted to be Snow White when I grew up. Actually, I STILL want to be Snow White when I grow up! My friends would loving say I’m a tad obsessed. I’ll just say, I have a healthy appreciation for all things Snow White.

Back in 2002, one of Squeaky's close friends created a Snow White corset for her. It was made of PVC plastic, a material most commonly used as a faux leather.


Squeaky has an extensive Snow White collection...
Through the years, I’ve been lucky enough to collect some wonderful (and some not so wonderful) Snow White items. Most of them are Disney licensed, but some are not. My collection consists mainly of things people have given me. Particularly, my late boss, Max, had a tradition of gifting me a snowglobe on my birthday and another for Christmas, every year for ten years.
See a Snow White carpet bag that Squeaky shared in an earlier post.


In 2009, Squeaky found herself without a costume for Halloween, so she turned to the Disney Store and purchased this adult size small dress. The simple over the head design contains no buttons or zippers. It’s mostly polyester with a tulle overlay skirt, which hits at the middle of the calf when worn.

The sleeves are a proper princess puff design with red panels. The royal blue bodice feels like crushed velvet. Down the center is a row of tiny red roses.

The yellow tulle skirt has little hearts made of glitter for accents. At the bottom of the skirt, the glitter creates outlines of popular scenes, which repeat twice to completely encircle the dress.

Earlier this year in May, Squeaky is seen wearing the dress at Disneyland's Snow White's Grotto during the all-night "Rock Your Disney Side" event.

Special thanks to Squeaky for sharing her Snow White passion with us.


  1. Hi Robert,
    Check this out, some guy from Serbia made his own walk-trough park in forest and here is Snow White:


    1. Thanks for sharing Amir! Wow! Glad to see other people so passionate about SW as I am. :) Very cool!