Friday, October 3, 2014

Snow White & Seven Dwarfs ''Tsum Tsum'' Mini Plushies

Disney Tsum Tsum (which means "stack stack") is a Japanese mobile Line Game app that features a whole lot of Disney characters. In 2013, the game was accompanied by a demand for merch, and as a result, a series of stackable plushies was introduced in Japan. Immensely popular, the collectible toys were then released in 2014 to the US (July) and at Disneyland Paris (August).

These Snow White Tsum Tsum dolls appeared online at the US Disney Store just a couple days ago. Soft polyester exterior; squeezable fill with polyethylene pellets inside. Each measures only 3.5" long. Retail $4.95, sold separately.

At first glace, they may appear to be just a pile of heads, but actually, the Tsum Tsums have tubular-shaped bodies too. They look like mini guinea pigs from the side.

Item No. 1259055042110P.


Item No. 1259055042114P.


Item No. 1259055042112P.


Item No. 1259055042113P.


Item No. 1259055042111P.


Item No. 1259055042117P.


Item No. 1259055042115P.


Item No. 1259055042116P.

Watch a TV commercial from the UK for the Tsum Tsum game app.

A couple screen captures from the video.



On the first Tuesday in September 2016, a tsum tsum Disney Villains Collection was released online at the Disney Store. Includes the Evil Queen. $5.95 each.

Item No. 1234041280422P.

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