Sunday, February 26, 2017

1938 La Mode Doc, Grumpy, and Dopey Lamps + Bookends

In an earlier Archive entry, we saw the 1938 Snow White lamps by La Mode Studios of New York. The painted figural pieces are made from plaster (or chalkware). Other lamps, nightlights, and bookends were also produced featuring Doc, Dopey, and Grumpy (as well as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck). Copyright "W. D. Ent." Lamps stand approximately 9" tall, including bulb socket.

Doc Lamp.

Doc Bookends.

Grumpy Lamp.

Grumpy Bookend.

Image via The Collector's Encyclopedia of Disneyana by David Longest & Michael Stern, 1992 (p.138).

Paper labels on the bottom. "Modeware" is their term for the hardened plaster.

Dopey Lamp.

Dopey Shade. Full color scene. Measures 5.75" tall.

A variety shades were produced by the Doris Lamp Shade Co. of New York (for use with the La Mode lamps). Most included images of Snow White, but there were individual shades made for Doc, Grumpy, and Dopey too.

Dopey Lamp Variant. Measures 12" tall to the top of socket. Dopey stands on round ridged base with back panel.

Dopey Bookend.

More examples are pictured in the collectible book, Disneyana by Munsey, p. 208.


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    1. Me too Nick. They have some real vintage character to them.

    2. I have the Grumpy bookends trying to figure out how much they are worth.