Tuesday, February 14, 2017

1957 Whitman "Disneyland" Valentine's Day Cards

"Action Valentines--Favorite Characters from Disneyland." A vintage set of 24 mechanical cards published by Whitman in 1957. The box (11" x 8.75") includes two of the Seven Dwarfs: Bashful and Dopey.

Multiple perforated characters (two each) were included on individual sheets. Line drawings show what the finished card should look like. Pins were provided to connect the different piece together.

Bashful's card reads, "Be Mine--Your Bashful Valentine."

Dopey reads, "Here's the BARE facts, You're My Valentine."

Other cards.


  1. Gee! I love what was considered "action" in the 50s! :-) At first, when I saw "V-Day" I thought of "Victory Day"! I am SO romantic, am I not? :-)

    1. Yeah, it's difficult to imagine that the attention of today's video game youth could be held by the simplicity of 1950s mechanical Valentine's Day cards, but you never know. If they felt an affinity to the characters, anything is possible. :)