Monday, February 6, 2017

2017 World of Miss Mindy Figurines

Artist Miss Mindy has created several Snow White figurines in her World of Miss Mindy line. Manufactured by Enesco. The pieces were announced January 1, 2017. Estimated availability at retailers is July 15. Made of stone resin.

Snow White. Size: 9" high. Enesco Item No. 4058885.

Evil Queen. Size: 10". Item 4058886.

Sketch drawing.

Dopey. Size: 4.25". Item 4058891.

Grumpy. Size: 4.5". Item 4058890.

Stock images copyright Disney/Enesco/Miss Mindy.


  1. These are currently my favourite

  2. Thank you for posting my new works! I have yet to chat more with you about my grandmother who worked on the film... so sorry I keep forgetting, it's been nuts in ye olde studio! ;) Thank you for your love and support of my artwork... :)

    1. Hi Miss Mindy, So glad to hear things have been "nuts" in your studio... that means business is booming! :) Keep up the wonderful work. I'll shoot you an email sometime this spring. Hoping we can do a post on your grandmother later this year.