Thursday, February 23, 2017

Promotional Panini Stickers in French TV Guide (1984)

Twelve complimentary Blanche Neige stickers by Panini were included in the eight-page January 10, 1984 issue of Telestar (one of several TV guides published in France). The promotion is noted on the front cover and also on page six inside.

The stickers belong to a larger 360-card Snow White series by Panini which was released in France in 1983. The idea behind this promotion was to offer the magazine's readership two complete 4-piece image sets and two 2-piece sets, all of which would have taken much longer to complete if purchased in the random blind packets sold in stores.

Nos. 84-87

Nos. 128-129

Nos. 204-207

Nos. 270-271

Th numbered cards are identical to those found in the regular collection. However, the backs are different in that when these are placed side-by-side, they form a couple of promotional ads for the series.

Special thanks to Greg Philip of A Lost Film for sharing these images scans and info from his collection. Add to François Monferran for an additional pic.

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