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Panini Snow White Stickers (1980-2001)

Founded in 1961, the Italian-based company Panini would become a world leader in the production of stickers, trading cards, comics, and more. In 1980, they issued their first Snow White series in Italy. A total of 360 numbered sticker cards were included in the set. The same series would be sold in other countries (e.g., France, Belgium, Germany, USA, etc.) in 1983, coinciding with the theatrical re-release of the Disney animated film.

In 1987, the set would be re-released in a downsized form--from 360 to 225. The cards were renumbered to reflect this smaller total. In 1994, coincident with the VHS home video release, the series was issued again. In some countries (e.g., France, USA), the set featured restored upgraded images. The collection had one more run in 2001, to coincide with the DVD, and the restored images would finally be available in Italy too. Along with the stickers, this last series also offered plastic character figures (only available in Italy and to a lesser extent other European countries).

Almost all of the sticker illustrations were taken directly from the feature film. Only a handful of cards in the 1980 release included additional images not from the movie. Individual card dimensions are approximately 55 x 65 mm (2.2" x 2.6"). Some stickers were designed to be placed side-by-side to form a larger picture.

Stickers 1980/1983: A few examples.

  • No. 12 - Magic Mirror.

  • Nos. 23-28 - Prince & Snow at Wishing Well (non-movie illustration).

  • Nos. 77-80 - Animals lead Snow White to cottage.

  • No 208 and 256 - Queen & Witch.

  • Nos. 267-77 - Sample page from French album.

  • No. 344 Snow White awakens.

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The Sticker Backs

The self-adhesive stickers had peel-off backs which included the movie title printed in multiple languages. There are distinctions, however, when comparing the cards from the different release years.

1980: The stickers have a "© Walt Disney Productions" imprint.


1987: It changed to "Walt Disney Pictures" with a separate marking that reads, "© THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY".


1994: The line was shortened to "Walt Disney's" with a "© DISNEY" imprint below it.

A variation to the 1994 backs is found in this complete set of 225 stickers, still sealed in the original manufacturer's plastic wrap.

The font on the back is the design created for the movie logo during its last re-release to theatres in 1992-1993. There's a "© DISNEY" but no "Walt Disney" imprint.

Another 1994 variation is this bi-lingual back issued in Canada.


2001: "Walt Disney's" was used again but the "© DISNEY" was printed on another section of the card back.


1994 TV Commercial from Spain

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Additional Snow White stickers have been produced in the many Disney Princess series. Check out the Snow White foil card stickers from "The Princesses" collection seen in earlier post.

Special thanks to Nunziante Valoroso and Greg Philip for sharing images and valuable information from their collections.


  1. I keep being amazed at how much Snow White memorabilia exists :)

    1. Me too Debbie. There certainly is a whole lotta Snow White out there.