Thursday, March 2, 2017

RCA/Victor Greek 'Snow White Story' Record

A vintage Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs story record from Greece. Η Χιονάτη και οι 7 νάνοι was issued on the RCA Victor label. Catalog no. 49 G 3008. The red cover features an illustration of the Disney characters. However, I suspect this is not a Disney version (no copyright imprint). The recording includes a narrator and a cast of voice actors. Snow White is played by Xenia Kalogeropoulou (Ξένια Καλογεροπούλου). She also voiced the leads on at least five other children's stories produced in this record series. The first release dates from circa 1962. Format: 45 rpm, 7" disc.

Green labels with black lettering.

Images and additional info via and 45cat. com.

  • Snow White (Χιονάτη) - Xenia Kalogeropoulou (Ξένια Καλογεροπούλου)
  • Queen (Βασίλισσα) - Helen Judge (Ελένη Κριτή)
  • Prince (Βασιλόπουλο) - Giannis Fertis (Γιάννης Φέρτης)
  • Dwarfs (Νάνος) - Theodoros Exarchos (Θεόδωρος Έξαρχος), , Orph. Zachos (Ορφ. Ζάχος)
  • Magic Mirror (Καθρέπτης) - Phoebus Taxiarhs (Φοίβος Ταξιάρχης)
  • Huntsman (Δήμιος) - Nikos Dendrinos (Νίκος Δενδρινός)
  • Narrator - Giorgos Metsolis (Γιώργος Μετσόλης)
  • Director -  Guy Ziro (Γκυ Ζιρώ)

The recording was reissued with an orange cover, circa 1970. Olympic label. Distributed by Phonogram. Catalog no. OE 76004.

Green labels with white and black lettering.

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