Monday, March 6, 2017

1938 Snow White Cut-Out Book, Whitman No. 974 (Orphan Annie P-77)

In 1938, Whitman Publishing Company produced a trove of Snow White-themed books for Disney. Among them was no. 974, one of several featuring cut-out dolls. Includes a total of four inside pages, plus the front and back covers--all made of stiff thick card stock. Book size: 13" x 13".

Snow White, Doc and the forest animals on the front cover.

Images via Hakes.

A near identical book (no. P-77) was offered by Ovaltine as a listener premium from the popular Little Orphan Annie radio show. It's the same in every way except for the pages--which are made from stiff paper (rather than the thicker card stock). The P-77 edition was sent out in mailing envelopes with an Orphan Annie return address. Note that the book number is indicated in the lower left corner of the front cover

First page includes the wash trough, Queen's spell-book podium, an extra tree, and cottage roof.

The Seven Dwarfs' cottage and accessories.

The Prince, Witch, Queen, and accessories.

The dwarfs and their musical instruments on the back cover.

Additional images via Maine Toy Museum.

Demand for the Ovaltine premium exceeded expectations and they ran out of books to ship. So a replacement was produced which we'll see in the next post.

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